Principal's Message

Being the Principal, It's my pleasure to welcome all of you to this wonderful school Swami Vivekanand International School. Our institution is inspired by the principles of Sri Swami Vivekanand who believes in universal brotherhood. He said, "The ultimate aim of human quest is liberation." It can be achieved with true education. SVIS is committed to provide good education to all its students which would help them realize the true spirit of life. Through education the students are imparted morals, ethics, values and humility which would invigorate their moulding personalities. Such approach to education would broaden their perception from narrowness of color, caste, creed and religion to oneness. It helps our students to rise to the heights of excellence. We also support and guide our students to become scholars, scientists and leaders, above all good citizens of our nation. We would like our teachers to be role models. They render their assistance to their students to explore the real strength of knowledge. SVIS is located on the banks of river Pawnar with a picturesque campus. We have abundant facilities like library, e-education lab, science laboratories, furnished class rooms, computer lab, play ground and many other which would help the students in acquiring the best out of them. We also preach the students how to be environmental friendly. We train them in Yoga so that they can mould both their body and mind in a healthy way. We insist our students to seek peaceful and nonviolent means of perseverance in their lives while achieving their goals of success. Lastly, I confer my best wishes to all the students for this new session.

Dr. Madhulika Chowdhary

M.A, M.Ed,LLB,D. Journal,NDYY.